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2012 Seminar series also very successful!

More information soon on this series in association with Low Carb Downunder

2011 Seminar series hugely successful!

In Sydney he capacity audience was captivated by Nora who could have talked for days on this subject! Dr Ron Ehrlich's introduction with Dr Weston A Price's photos was fascinating,  Bruce Ward's presentation of how large herds of grazing cattle can regenerate degraded land while providing inexpensive nutrient dense food was an eye opener for the city audience and Costa's "Produce not Product" talk was hugely entertaining with a serous message. The  food by Agape Organic Restaurant was sublime! A great day!

In Armidale David  Mason-Jones showed why  grass-fed meat should be on the menu and Rob Blomfield's story about his health transformation was rivetting. 

At the Gold Coast Tony Lovell's presentation on cattle,  land regeneration and methane challenged the "cattle are bad for the environment" dogma.

We will soon have a page with stories, photos, feedback and links so please contact us if you would like to contribute. Here's an example of a happy attendee.

And see Sarah Wilson's response and Sarah's Sunday Life column

Read article about Nora and Walcha farmer's transformation in The Land

And see Rob's talk at Armidale: Part 1 and Part 2

Plus this in  Armidale Express 

Teleseminar with Nora Gedgaudas

With Graham Rees from KLR Marketing

Grahame facilitated a fabulous 90 minutes with Nora. Terry McCosker from RCS also spoke linking Nora's work back to healthy farming practices.

Play the recording or download it by registering at

See Graham on You-tube

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Interesting Links

We have tried to loosely categorize the following links, but many cross over into more than one. Happy surfing




Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (PPNF) is a non-profit educational resource providing access to modern scientific validation of ancestral wisdom on nutrition, agriculture, and health for 55 years. Originally known as the Weston A. Price Memorial Foundation, they serve as the guardian for the precious archival material from the research of Weston A. Price. DDS and Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD, and most of the great nutrition pioneers of our time, as well as maintaining a library of over 10,000 historical and contemporary references. They are the publishers of Dr Price's seminal book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"


Slow Food a global community supporting local, sustainable and traditional foods 

Mindd Foundation - Metababolic Immuno Neurogic Digestive Disorders - autism, ADD and more


The True Food Network   is a growing community of everyday Australians, chefs, food experts and community groups uniting to protect our food from genetic engineering (GE). Our members include food icon Margaret Fulton, nutritionist Rosemary Stanton and thousands of concerned Australians.


Three Stone Hearth - a community supported kitchen in San Franscsco


Eat Wild   All about why grass fed is important


Nourishing Our Children   A non-profit organisation established to address the dramatic deterioration in the health of our children.Timeless principles for supporting learning,behaviour and health through optimum nutrition.

Raw milk facts  


The case for untreated milk    A special report for the Association of Unpasteurized Milk Producers and Consumers - UK

Originally Published by The Soil Association, this Paper was written by DR. B. M. PICKARD The Department of Animal Physiology and Nutrition The University Leeds LS2 9JT


Weston A Price Foundation  Dedicated to restoring nutrient dense foods to our diet through education and activism.


Nourished Magazine 


True Food Network is a growing community of everyday Australians, chefs, food experts and community groups uniting to protect our food from genetic engineering (GE). Members include food icon Margaret Fulton, nutritionist Rosemary Stanton and thousands of concerned Australians.


Bush Goddess Foods - Bush Goddess Foods sources and supplies Beyond Organic, Certified Organic, in-transition and self-certified biological produce. 


Cocosplit. - the coconut user's friend   Cocosplit is a tool that gives simple direct access to the juice and kernel of the mature coconut.  Coconut oil is a highly stable food, rich in medium-chain fatty acids that enter easily into the energy regime of the body boosting vigour, enhancing the function of the immune system, and providing protection against a wide range of bacterial, fungal and viral infective organisms. 

GRUB - Grassroots Urban Butchery - Vaucluse




The Cholesterol Myths - Uffe Ravnskov  Founder of THINCS  and author of the international best seller of the same title.


Goodfat Nutrition NZ


Seniors with high cholesterol healthy  - Sorry -  link doesn't  work but study is below

Scandinavian Journal ofPrimary Health Care, 2010;28: 121-127

In the Scandinavian Journal of Primary HealthCare a Finnish study has just reported that the general health status of seniors with high cholesterol far exceeds that of their counterparts having low cholesterol. In whatever marker of health and morbidity one wished to measure - mortality, strokes, myocardial infarction, infectious disease or dementia, the seniors with highest cholesterol fared far better. Particularly important is the observation that these >75-year old seniors were free-ranging, that is living on their own or with relatives. A random sample of all persons aged 75+ years, living in Kuopio, Finland was made.

After exclusion o fparticipants living in institutional care and participants using lipid-modifying agents or missing data on blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the final study population consisted of 490 home-dwelling elderly persons. The conclusion of the doctors after the 6-year study period was tha tparticipants with a low serum total cholesterol had a lower survival rate than participants with an elevated cholesterol level, irrespective of concomitan tdiseases or general health status.


Australian Homo Optimus Association the Website for Optimal Nutrition - based on the research and experience of Polish doctor Jan Kwasniewski

Hippocrates said: "A physician will never dispute any new method of treatment without first trying it"

Second Opinions
A website by Dr Barry Groves exposing dietary and medical misinformation
with general articles covering nutritional information.

Spacedoc    Statin Drugs - Side Effects and the misguided war on cholesterol


THINCS - The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics





Inform Yourself
This website by Helen Lobato features seeks to address the vacuum left by the mainstream press in relation to health issues.

The website includes Brochures, CD's, Flyers, Articles and Book Reviews that can aid in your education.

Origin of Energy - lifesyle and movement coaches and fantastic gym at Bondi Junction


Sydney Coastal Ecovillage - if you are thinking about somewhere to live an enjoyable and sustainable life in the future...


Ovvio - The Organic Lifestyle Store.  A beautiful Sydney retail store and holistic clinic that inspires an organic lifestyle




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