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2012 Seminar series also very successful!

More information soon on this series in association with Low Carb Downunder

2011 Seminar series hugely successful!

In Sydney he capacity audience was captivated by Nora who could have talked for days on this subject! Dr Ron Ehrlich's introduction with Dr Weston A Price's photos was fascinating,  Bruce Ward's presentation of how large herds of grazing cattle can regenerate degraded land while providing inexpensive nutrient dense food was an eye opener for the city audience and Costa's "Produce not Product" talk was hugely entertaining with a serous message. The  food by Agape Organic Restaurant was sublime! A great day!

In Armidale David  Mason-Jones showed why  grass-fed meat should be on the menu and Rob Blomfield's story about his health transformation was rivetting. 

At the Gold Coast Tony Lovell's presentation on cattle,  land regeneration and methane challenged the "cattle are bad for the environment" dogma.

We will soon have a page with stories, photos, feedback and links so please contact us if you would like to contribute. Here's an example of a happy attendee.

And see Sarah Wilson's response and Sarah's Sunday Life column

Read article about Nora and Walcha farmer's transformation in The Land

And see Rob's talk at Armidale: Part 1 and Part 2

Plus this in  Armidale Express 

Teleseminar with Nora Gedgaudas

With Graham Rees from KLR Marketing

Grahame facilitated a fabulous 90 minutes with Nora. Terry McCosker from RCS also spoke linking Nora's work back to healthy farming practices.

Play the recording or download it by registering at

See Graham on You-tube

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Industrial Farming and Food


The tragedy of Industrial agriculture


The quote below from 'The Fatal Harvest' says it all.


"Industrial agriculture is devastating our land, water, and air, and is now threatening the sustainability of the biosphere. Its massive chemical and biological inputs cause widespread environmental havoc as well as human disease and death. Its monoculturing reduces the diversity of our plants and animals. Its habitat destruction endangers wildlife. Its factory farming practices cause untold animal suffering. Its centralized corporate ownership destroys farm communities around the world, leading to mass poverty and hunger. The industrial agriculture system is clearly unsustainable. It has truly become a fatal harvest."

The Fatal Harvest The seven myths of industrial agriculture


"Food Inc" Now in cinemas across Australia


INDUSTRY VS BIOLOGY - Taking on the ethics of industrial agriculture

Joel Salatin debates this issue borrowing from agricultural economist John Ikerd of the University of Missouri who says the four pillars of  industrial paradigms are:

1. Specialization, 2. Simplification, 3. Routinization, 4. Mechanization

In contrast, nature’s pillars are:

1. Diversified, 2. Complex, 3. Flexible, 4. Biological


The Meatrix - Movie -the Nightmare of factory farming


Store Wars A great 5 minute movie about what has happened to our food. is a website and a campaign that has been created by Animals Australia to highlight the suffering of factory farmed pigs in Australia. Laws have failed to protect millions of pigs each year from acts of cruelty. This website has been created to inform, educate and empower consumers to help created needed change. Watch the video

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