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2012 Seminar series also very successful!

More information soon on this series in association with Low Carb Downunder

2011 Seminar series hugely successful!

In Sydney he capacity audience was captivated by Nora who could have talked for days on this subject! Dr Ron Ehrlich's introduction with Dr Weston A Price's photos was fascinating,  Bruce Ward's presentation of how large herds of grazing cattle can regenerate degraded land while providing inexpensive nutrient dense food was an eye opener for the city audience and Costa's "Produce not Product" talk was hugely entertaining with a serous message. The  food by Agape Organic Restaurant was sublime! A great day!

In Armidale David  Mason-Jones showed why  grass-fed meat should be on the menu and Rob Blomfield's story about his health transformation was rivetting. 

At the Gold Coast Tony Lovell's presentation on cattle,  land regeneration and methane challenged the "cattle are bad for the environment" dogma.

We will soon have a page with stories, photos, feedback and links so please contact us if you would like to contribute. Here's an example of a happy attendee.

And see Sarah Wilson's response and Sarah's Sunday Life column

Read article about Nora and Walcha farmer's transformation in The Land

And see Rob's talk at Armidale: Part 1 and Part 2

Plus this in  Armidale Express 

Teleseminar with Nora Gedgaudas

With Graham Rees from KLR Marketing

Grahame facilitated a fabulous 90 minutes with Nora. Terry McCosker from RCS also spoke linking Nora's work back to healthy farming practices.

Play the recording or download it by registering at

See Graham on You-tube

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South Australia



Cleopatra’s Bath Milk – Available from the following outlets (please note that due to popular demand some retailers are no longer able to take pre orders)

  • Joyeata Organic’s (Home Delivery Service)
  • Foodwise – Largs Bay
  • Wild Thyme – Nth Adelaide
  • Wilson’s Organics – Adelaide Central Market

Aphrodite Bath Milk – (coming to the above retailers and more shortly)

Hahndorf Real Milk - Contact: Kate Netschitowsky 0404 515 685 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

B-d Farm Paris Creek Organic Milk, Butter, Yoghurt, & Cheeses – Available in all Organic retail outlets, Health Food Shops, IGA, Coles & Woolworths across Adelaide

Barambah Organics Sour Cream & Cream - Foodwise Largs Bay, The Organik Store Glenelg, Wild Thyme North Adelaide, Wilsons Organics Adelaide, Goodies & Grains Adelaide.

Hindmarsh Valley Organic Raw Goats Milk (SA) – Foodwise Largs Bay, Mega Health Semaphore, Healthy Life West Lakes, The Organik Store Glenelg, Wilsons Organics Adelaide, Goodies & Grains, Wild Thyme Organic Café & Supermarket.

Alexandrina Cheese Company for Milk, Crème Fraiche, Cream, Ricotta, Cheese, Yoghurt & Butter - all available from Say Cheese, Smelly Cheese (Adelaide Central Markets) and The Corner Store on Semaphore.

SAVY New Zealand Organic Butter – Mega Health Semaphore, Foodwise Largs Bay, Joyeata Organics, Central Organics, Wilsons Organics, Wild Thyme, The Organik Store & Foodland Semaphore

Harmonie Organic Butter (Denmark) – Coles & Woolworths West Lakes, Mega Health Semaphore

Mungalli Creek Organic Cheese, Yoghurt, Cream Available from – Joyeata Organics, Wilsons Organics, The Organik Store Glenelg.

Jalna Biodynamic Yoghurt Coles & Woolworths West Lakes



Dom’s Kefir & Kombucha Site (SA) – For all Milk Kefir grains, Water Kefir Grains & Kombucha scabies

Grainfields Australia – These wonderful, naturally fermented products are a welcome addition to help restore and add friendly bacteria to your body.



Theo Parissos & Son – (Port Adelaide) All fish is Wild except Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon

Samtass Seafood (Central Market & Richmond) All fish is Wild except Tas Atlantic Salmon, Baby Barramundi & Rainbow Trout.

The Fish Factory – Athol Park – All Fish is wild except Atlantic Salmon.



P & A Organic Meats – 314 Magill Rd, Kensington ph:82641084 (100% pasture raised)

Barossa Fine Foods – Adelaide Central Markets (All Sth Australian meat & poultry from the Barossa Valley)

Wild Thyme Nth Adelaide – A small selection from Independent Organic Farmers.

Joyeata Free Range Eggs – From Joyeata only (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!)

Ruradene 100% Free Range Eggs Clare Valley SA (pasture raised but not certified organic) - Viva West Lakes, Adelaide Central Market, Foodland Semaphore

Rosie’s Free Range Eggs (100% Pasture raised but not organic) – Adelaide Central Market (most retailers stock these) Viva West Lakes, Goodies & Grains.



Nui Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil - Coconut Flour, Skincare Products are available from Wilsons Organics, The Organik Store Glenelg & Mega Health Semaphore

Melrose Coconut Oil – Foodwise Largs Bay, Mega Health Semaphore

Niulife Coconut Oil & Flour – ask Kate 0404 515 685

Lard & Duck Fat – Feast @ Adelaide Central Market, Standom Smallgoods all locations.

Pure Harvest Organic Sunflower, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sesame Mega Health Semaphore, Wilsons organics, Joyeata Organics, House of Health Central Markets, The Organik Store Glenelg.

GPA Wholefoods - High Vitamin & Fermented Cod Liver Oils, High Vitamin Butter Oil, Probiotics, Pregnancy Packages and Water Systems (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)



Joyeata Organics – ph:85243258 Only $5.00 per delivery to Anywhere in the Adelaide CBD (Highly Recommended)

Organic Solutions

Wilsons Organics – 8231 5014



Bliss Organic Cafe 7 Compton St, Adelaide - (08) 8231 0205

The Goodlife Pizza Shops – Adelaide & Glenelg -

Fast Life Organic Cafe - 280 Rundle St, Adelaide - (08) 8223 3187

The Organic Market & Café - 5 Druids Ave, Stirling - (08) 8339 4835

Wilsons on Whitmore – 207 Sturt St Adelaide, (08) 8231 2098



Central Organics Stall - 72 Central Market - 08 82118526

Christies Beach Organics 8/19 Beach Road, Christies Beach - 08 8326 1143

Foodwise Organics - Jetty rd, Largs Bay - 08 8242 7882

It’s Organic - 160 Hampstead Rd, Broadview - 08 261 3027

Joyeata Organics – Hayman Rd, Lewiston SA – 85243258

Organically Grown - 85b St Bernard's Rd, Magill - 08 8364 1699

Organic Market and Café - 5 Druids Ave, Stirling - 08 8339 4835

Organic Solutions - 259 Unley Rd, Malvern - 08 8172 0422

Organic To Go - 365a Glen Osmond Rd - 08 8379 2131 Real Organics - 46 The Parade Norwood - 08 8363 1911

The Organik Store - 37 Broadway, Glenelg - 08 8295 7767

Wild Thyme Organic Market & Café 101-103 Melbourne St North Adelaide SA 08 8361 8888

Wilsons Organics 57a Gouger St, Adelaide 08 8231 5014



Sprouted Grain Organic Bakery (Ancient Grain, Spelt, Rye & Spelt) – Mega Health Semaphore, Healthy Life West Lakes, Foodland Semaphore, Joyeata Organics, The Organik Store @ Glenelg, Goodies & Grains Adelaide Central Markets, Wilsons Organics, Gouger St Adelaide.

Eve’s Organic Bakery – 524 Anzac Hwy, Glenelg East 8376 6399

Paolo’s Organic Sourdough – Dough, Adelaide Central Market & Wilson’s Organics Adelaide.

Berents German Hot Bread Shop – 117 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End SA

Gourmet to Go – Adelaide Central Market – A wide range of Berents Sourdough, Wholemeal Sourdough, Rye, Volkenbrot etc

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